How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity That Will Impress Your Friends

Are you tired of not having something to show off? Sick of all your friends and family bragging about their amazing lives? If you are, then I have just the solution to remedy these problems: a brand new InVanity bathroom vanity. Sure, they may drive a nicer car, have a better looking spouse, and kids that go to nicer schools, but you’ll have a beautiful bathroom vanity. So, how do you choose a bathroom vanity that will blow your friends and family away.

1. Choose the Right Style

There are 3 general styles for bathroom vanities: cabinet, pedestal, and wall-mount, but only one of them is correct. Here in the USA, cabinet style vanities are the only way to go. Wall mount and pedestal vanities are for sissy Europeans. Cabinet style vanities offer more storage and are easier to install. Furthermore, vanity cabinets are designed to look like legged furniture so it will match the ambiance of your house. In essence, cabinet vanities are like Ford F-150’s while pedestal and wall mount vanities are like Fiats.

2. Size Matters

You want to get as big of a vanity as your bathroom allows. A large vanity means you don’t mess around. It lets people know that you are willing to be bold. A small vanity implies that you were too cheap to pay for a decent sized vanity. With that being said, you want a functional vanity. So make sure to get the proper measurements so you don’t embarrass yourself. You don’t want doors that can’t open fully or protruding edges to stub your toe on.


3. Find the Right Sink

There are a number of sink types for vanities, the popular ones being undermount, integrated, and vessel sinks. Undermount and integrated are typical in most households, therefore, should be avoided at all costs. The goal is to stand out, and an undermount or integrated sink will not do that. Vessel sinks are cool, but they break easily. So what can you do? Get a wide line vanity or a vanity with a ramp style sink. They’re classy, modern, and unique, the trifecta of bathroom sinks. If you don’t have one of those sinks, then you’re not a winner. If you want to be a winner and the envy of your friends and family, then you want a wide line vanity.


Armed with this knowledge you are now ready to reinvent your identity. You will no longer be “that guy”, but rather “that stud with the awesome bathroom vanity”. So hurry over to InVanity and pick out your vanity today!

white marble vanity tops bathroom cupboards riverside county
A beautiful white marble ramp style bathroom vanity that will let you assert your dominance over your neighbor.

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