Mahogany Shaker Kitchen Cabinets


The Mahogany Shaker is one of our most beautiful cabinet choices.  Naturally, the Mahogany Shaker is a rich blend of brown and red.  At first glance, the Mahogany may appear to be just another shaker option, but in reality, a lot of thought has gone into the subtle details of these cabinets.  As our lightest wood grained shaker option, the Mahogany is warmer and far more inviting when compared to the sharp, clean, precision of the other shaker designs.  The Mahogany doors have softer more beveled edges that just seem appropriate for the look of these cabinets.  Also, there are vertical groove details added to the doors that give the Mahogany cabinets a slightly more homey feel and appearance.  Half of our cabinet options have some kind of wood grain but Mahogany’s natural wood grain feels so alive.  Along with the American Walnut and Espresso Shaker, the Mahogany doors are made with a 5 piece design.  This gives you the option to flip the flat center panel around exchanging it for a slightly more detailed pattern with three vertical columns.  The doors and frames are made of solid rubberwood with a smooth lacquer and polish coating.  The Mahogany cabinets will match well with any stone countertops that have traces of reds or browns in them.  Fairly light browns or cream colored countertops stand out well against Mahogany.  Really dark countertops will make Mahogany cabinets look lighter by comparison but you should have some lighter colors in your flooring or backsplash to keep the room from getting too dark.  These comforting cabinets feature full overlay doors attached with soft close hinges and under mount soft close tracks.  The Mahogany uses 5/8 inch plywood for the cabinet boxes, which are sturdier than the majority of cabinet boxes that are typically made from ½ inch plywood or even particle board.  If you love the sharp clean look of stainless steel appliances and fixtures but you don’t want a cold modern kitchen, then Mahogany cabinets can inject the warm and natural look and feel that you need for your kitchen.


Wood TypeRubber Tree
Door StyleShaker Style
Frame StyleFull Access Frame
Interior FinishNatural Color
Door and Frame3/4″ Solid Wood
Box and Side Panel5/8″ Plywood
Shelves3/4″ Plywood
Door HingeSoft Close
Drawer TrackUnder Mount Soft Close
Roll Out TrayOptional
Handle RequiredYes
Warranty1 year for doors, drawers, and paint/finish
3 years for hinges, slides, box, and shelves